Windows Vista Basic Troubleshooting Tips Guide.

vista Troubleshooting tips 1
Microsoft windows vista has included new aero cursors that is not turned on by default. To troubleshooting this in vista.Follow the steps below.
:Right click on your desktop and select personalize.Click on the mouse cursors item to select a vista graphics different mouse cursor scheme.Change the scheme from none to Windows vista Aero.Click ok to see the new aero mouse cursors.

Kill Security center notification problem in Windows Vista Basic
Vista Troubleshooting tips 2:
Windows vista security center remind you all the time about anti virus. New easy way to disable the security center messages.Click on the Security Center/Windows Security Alerts logo in the system tray.Click change the way Security Center alerts me.Select I do not want notification messages from Security Center.

Use small icons size tip for Windows vista
Windows Vista Troubleshooting Tips large icon
The Windows vista icon size of the recently run programs list on the Start Menu is set to large by default. This is great if you like the large icons but it also cuts down on the number of recently run programs that can be displayed. Follow the steps below to give your Start Menu a cleaner look.
windows vista tips
disable large icons problem
Right click on the start button and select properties.
Click on the customize button.
Scroll to the bottom of the list and remove the check from use large icons.
You can now also increase the number of recently run programs in vista that are displayed to something larger than 9.
Hit ok when you are finished.

Windows vista adiitional clock
Windows Vista tips to add additional clocks to the system tray. Click the clock, and then click date and time settings. Click the additional clocks tab. You can add one or two additional clocks to the tray and select their time zones.
Here is more Windows Vista Features

Vista’s word and notepad document more secure
You can create XML documents, which are more secure than regular text files or even word processor docs. Just create a document in a word processor, print(not print out ) it via the options menu, and select the XPS printer.Thats it u have secure document.

Vista Home Basic Internet Explorer Problem
If you’re annoyed by Internet Explorer’s incessant barking that you’ve lowered your security settings , launch “gpedit.msc” from either the Run command or Start Search field, navigate through Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Vista Components / Internet Explorer. In the rightmost pane, double-click “Turn off the Security Settings Check feature” and set it to Enabled.

Windows Vista Task manager for troubleshooting
The Windows Task Manager gives you a lot more troubleshooting information in Vista.Click ctr+alt+del, Flip to the Processes tab, and in the View menu, click select columns and add description, command line, and Image path name. Moreover, when you right-click a process, you can select either go to service(s) or open file location. These are all long overdue options.

Displaying Run on the vista Desktop
You can create a shortcut for the Run command on your desktopFrom the start menu, go to all programs / accessoriesdrag a shortcut for Run to the desktop. Vista displaying Run on the start menu by default, Run is not shown when you open the start menu.To enable this:Right click on the taskbar select properties click on the start menu tab click on the customize button scroll down and check Run (it’s about 2/3’s of the way towards the bottom.
windows vista problems

Windows Vista Tips to allow Network access without passwordIn windows vista you can access computer locally without password but it does not permit to access other network computer to access it without password. But you can change this default setting.
Go to run and type there “gpedit.msc”.
It will open group policy now go to computer configuration- vista setting- security setting
-local policies(here you can set many local policy as per your security demands).-security options.
Now you need to find and disable following options

Double click on accounts: limit local account use of blank password to console login only.

There are lots of debate about Windows Vista Requirements for hardware.
Windows vista tips to add Internet Explore7 Icon on desktop. In windows vista you can not find IE7 icon on desktop by default.
But you can add it by registry editing.
Take back up of registry before making any changes
Go to run and type regedit
And expand to Hkey-current user> software >Microsoft> windows > current version> explorer>HideDesktopIcons>NewStartPanel. And give value” {871C5380-42A0-1069-A2EA-08002B30309D}”=dword:00000000.If you not find HideDesktopIcons then create new dword and give value as above.
Now close regedit and restart the computer.

Windows Vista Tips for Resizing hard disk Partitions
Before windows vista each Microsoft operating system require third party software to resize partition like c: or d:/.But windows vista has inbuilt features to do this.
Select my computer and right click it
Clicks on manage option and then select Disk Management.
Now select partition on which you want to make changes like increase the size of partition or decrease the size of partition.
Note: this will not delete your data on that partition but it is good if you take back up before doing such changes.

Access Denied error in windows vista
When you trying to access some windows folder like document and setting you may get error message that “access denied”. you need to change ownership of this folder. So open properties by right click on it. In security button select advance tab and click edit button. Now change ownership to your account by highlighting your account and also select replace ownership to sub containers and apply changes.
comment: futher tips for microsoft windows vista available in future.

Windows Vista vs XP,Windows Vista Installation>

Vista Guide


vista guide to creat shutdown and restart button

This blog’s each post have diffrent vista guide and update regularly. here are the steps for creating shutdown and restart button in windows vista.
Windows vista has quick power button to put the computer into sleep mode. But most user don’t use sleep mode. So I add this vista tips to convert sleep mode to shutdown button.
press windows + R to access run.
Type powercfg.cpl ,1
This load power options menu

Once this loads, find the “Power Buttons and Lid > Start Menu Power Button tree”. Now right click on setting and select the action as shown in the picture. Click OK once this is done:

now view your start menu of windows vista. Icon has change to power off button.


Vista Tips to Recover Deleted Files

Each post has new windows vista tips. In this post I Explained how to recover deleted files from windows vista.
Windows vista System Restore makes it possible to roll back important system files to previous dates. But it is also possible to restore single file or documents those are deleted or modified. System restore point automatically generates everyday.

now make sure system restore is enabled. Now go to the folder where file was saved. Now right click in is and choose the tab Restore Previous Versions as shown in the figure.

It loads Folder Properties with a list of previous saved versions of the folder. As shown in the figure it has 1 restore point. If more than one vista restore point that select 1 by clicking it.

You have three options to access the old files – either Open, Copy or Restore.
• Open allows you to browse the archive of the folder from the restore date, letting you drag and drop any number of files out of the archive (probably the easiest method).
• Copy will prompt you to select a destination folder to copy all of the backup archive to. This is useful if you want to restore the entire folder to a new location.
• Restore will overwrite the currently selected folder with all the files from the restore point (overwriting any modifications). Only use this if you are aware any file since this restore date will be overwritten.
this Windows vista tip help to recover your deleted files


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