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AMA TNA Wrestling


TNA Wrestling for mobile is the first mobile wrestling game to truly immerse the player in both the wrestling and storytelling aspects of professional wrestling.

The TNA mobile game will allow fans to step into the world of TNA as an up-and-coming superstar. Fans will be able to go head-to-head with their favorite TNA superstars both in and out of the ring.

“Wrestling is about so much more than what happens inside the ring” said Jason Altman, Head of Production, Longtail Studios, “With the TNA mobile game fans will get to experience and control the action both in and out of the ring.”

“TNA is consistently searching out new media platforms to better serve our fans worldwide, and mobile gaming will put our brand at the cutting edge of gaming,” TNA President Dixie Carter said.
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Petka Little Johnny


Petka Little Johny is one of nice game for your mobile. Game has different level of adventure. Download and enjoy beautiful graphic of little Johnny game.
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Legions Of Rome


As the Roman legions marched their way through most of the civilized world, conquering and laying waste to the land, it was only a small band of men known as ‘The guardians of the scepter’ who stood in their way, fierce defenders of the Golden Scepter, whose magical powers would make the Roman legions unstoppable. As a guardian of the scepter, it is up to you to stop the Roman legions…

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Death Bleach (By In-Fusio)


Unknown in our world by the dark side, there is a known as the “virtual” presence of evil spirits, and they deliberately attack people, damage to this world and the balance of the spirit world … …
Against them on, a group of outstanding spiritual power, and organized a known as the “Chamber of Hope static” organization.
Them in order to protect innocent people, have no fear, holding a sword, fighting bravely with the virtual, they die! These people, claiming to be Death!
The story of our heroine, is the chance coincidence, the death has been exposed Chiara active force, and thus embarked on a full blood and tears of the valley of tears .

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