games S60

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania


Step into the ??Showcase of the Immortals?? as you relive, rewrite and redefine classic moments from the first 15 years of WrestleMania! Choose to play as one of 10 legendary WWE Superstars, and make your own history in the ring. Recreate classic matchups in exhibition mode, or create your own character and take on the greats in career modeDo you have what it takes to become a legend?
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Watchmen S60v2


Become a masked vigilante to fight crime in WATCHMEN: The Mobile Game. Play as the stealthy Nite Owl, battling enemies in the gritty streets of New York City, or as brawling anti-hero The Comedian in the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Use their unique arsenal of weapons and vigilante attacks and follow an original storyline straight from Rorschach’s journal! The clock is ticking and only the Watchmen can save us. But who is watching the Watchmen?

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Olympic Hero


Welcome to the ancient Greece, home of the oldest Olympic Games ever.
Take control of Georgios, our amusing young athlete and help him to make his dream come true: to become an Olympic hero.
Compete in the funniest Olympic Games ever. Test your speed, strength, stamina and accuracy and become an Olympic Hero!

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Uranium Inc


Game Description:
Located in the heart of the Siberian far east, Uranium Inc is the world’s largest supplier of enriched uranium and true to the free wheeling ways of the post Soviet republics, if you got the money, Uranium Inc will deliver the goods. As the factory manager, you need to ensure that you distribute the containers based on their colour codes. Mix things up and your boss may not be too forgiving….
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