games S60

World Championship Pool 3D 2009

The new official World Championship Pool game takes you to the heart of the battle for the World ChampionÆs crown. Compete against 32 of the worldÆs best players in the official world championship! In Arcade mode, play a series of challenges striving for a bronze, silver or gold medal. In Championship mode, choose your rules and take part in a knockout contest to find out who is the best. The more you play, the better your player will become. Includes the brand new 2 player pass and play mode!
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Lego Indiana Jones Mobile Adventure

Lego Indy comes to mobile! Join Indy in the game that has sold more than 1 million copies! Controlling a Lego Indy will be able to defeat your enemies with the whip, to overcome obstacles in search of lost artifacts and play in 25 levels full of action inspired by the blockbuster film Indiana Jones. Thanks to its great graphics, intuitive controls and some Lego, Lego Indiana Jones will transform your cellphone into a Lego amazing adventure.
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Quantum of Solace

007 is back in QUANTUM OF SOLACE! Play as Bond as he takes on a new life threatening mission! Chase down enemy agents, sneak up on villains, engage in intense firefights, and escape dangerous situations that only Bond could survive!
You’ve seen James Bond in action – but never like this. With cutting-edge technology, your enemies just got a lot more dangerous and they can not only destroy your cover, but also dodge bullets and stay in hot pursuit.
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Need for Speed Undercover

Chase or Be Chased in Need for Speed Undercover. The cops are back like
never before in this action-packed game of pursuit and betrayal. Go up
against ruthless street racers out to win at any cost. Earn respect and
fill your garage with the world’s fastest cars. Reach the finish line
first in circuit races. Bust up the city in bounty challenges. Show
your skills for a shot at top drivers. Choose between Career or Quick
Race mode. You’re the hunter and the hunted in Need for Speed

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