Evan Mp3 Player v0.1


Evan is an MP3 player for mobile phones. The user specifies in which directory the music files are stored, either in internal memory or memory card, and Evan automatically finds them. Supported tags include ID3v2, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4. Using tag information, the player displays the name of the artist, album and title track.Furthermore, the user can create playlists. Also, the user can assign a specific image (e.g. album art) to a selected album, andthe picture will appear when playing songs belonging to this album. If the file is too large, the program tries to reduce it tothe desired size.
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Beach Games 12-Pack S60v5


Be the best on the beach! Go for the gold in up to 12 addictively fun summertime sports! Go for the gold in up to 12 addictively fun summertime games like beach ball dash, sand sprint, limbo rush, wave swimming and much more! Compete for the top of the leaderboard in beachside tournaments or go head to head against friends in exciting Hot Seat play! Grab this 12 pack for a taste of glory under the sun!
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Mobile Dictionary v1.00 S60v3


Ever found yourself in a situation where you just did not know the word to order yourself a nice drink in a foreign country? Ever guessed together with your friends how some word is translated into a foreign language?
That is when MobileDictionary comes into play. Easy and quick translations from any language into any other language. MobileDictionary comes with a predefined set of languages, which can be extended easily. Additional dictionaries can be found on, which offers free dictionaries of various languages.
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HourPower v1.6.0 S60v5 Signed


With HourPower, your phone tells you the current time through the built-in text-to-speech engine. Just press a button to start the app and hear the time. Exactly what you need when waking up and unable to focus on an alarm clock display. Put HourPower on the standby-screen for maximum comfort. English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese are currently supported. HourPower is open source, so you can help translating the application to other languages!

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