Download SevenVG Black RTM Theme

Recently I released “SevenVG Black RTM” theme for Windows XP which is a Black version of my “SevenVG RTM” theme.

Lots of people requested for a Normal Taskbar (Thin Taskbar) version of this theme and I’m glad to announce that “SevenVG Black RTM with Normal Taskbar” is available to download now.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

More Info

How to Use:

1. Once you download the ZIP file, extract it. You’ll get a folder “SevenVG Black RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar for Windows XP“.

2. In this folder, you’ll get 5 more folders:

  • Extra Common Tasks (This folder contains 2 extra shell styles: Bottom and Left dark blue.)
  • Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them.)
  • Iconized Taskbar Hack (This folder contains registry script to enable Iconized taskbar in Windows XP.)
  • Styler Toolbar (This folder contains “Styler” setup file and “SevenVG RTM” Styler skin. You can apply it to get Windows 7 look-like commandbar in Windows XP Explorer.)
  • Theme (This folder contains the main theme. Run Theme.exe file to install it.)

3. Run “Theme.exe” file present in “Theme” folder and apply the theme using Desktop Properties.

4. Also make sure you have patched the “uxtheme.dll” file to be able to use 3rd party themes in Windows. If its not patched yet, download and run UXtheme Patcher using following links:

For XP SP3 Users – Download UXTheme Patcher
For XP SP2 Users – Download UXTheme Patcher


2 thoughts on “Download SevenVG Black RTM Theme

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